Detail on the dress KEYT MIDLTON for which people have gone astray: When you look better, you will see why this will not be forgiven by her

Sunday evening was significant for film and television workers, because in their honor the BAFTA was rewarded in London. Starring starring Margo Robbie, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Kolman, Rachel Weiss have redefined red carpet, but also royal butterfly Kate Midlton.

Midlton, along with his wife, William, was in the first place at the grand prize. A fantastic white dress with asymmetrical cuts and a backrest on the left shoulder attracted the attention of fashion critics and the audience who followed the awards.

Namely, a few months ago, Megan Markl took the dress of designer Carolina Herera and then broke the rule of the royal family as she uncovered her shoulders. This was a scandalous post, according to the British press.

And while the media persistently insisted Megan should look at Kate, it turns out that Midlton has repeatedly violated the rule and appeared on important bare shoulder events, and not just BAFTA awards.

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