Hello Barry: What we eat builds our foundation

Actress Halle Berry on his profile at “Instagram” often shares fitness tips with fans who barely enjoyed the opportunity to discover the secret of her slim line. Although they hoped it was spell-checking or just about good genes, it became clear now that the actress made a lot of effort to look so good.

This time, the topic of nutrition touched.

  1. I’ll find out what kept me in shape for the last ten years, healthy and full of energy – a diet. Yes, you have read well – a ten-year diet. But do not worry. It’s not about classic diets that mean hunger, but about a diverse, balanced diet, which means avoiding unhealthy foods. Our inner warrior is good only as much as we feed it well, and what we eat builds our foundation – wrote Halle Berry. She launched a discussion on the importance of planning and adjusting meals with exercise, but also about juice dependence (admitting that she can not resist her alone) and about foods that help fight depression and the benefits of detoxification with certain naps.

She was joined by her coach, who pointed out eggs, avocados and walnuts as foods that will give you enough energy for any exercises, and Haly said she preferred water with caffeine enriched with fruit tastes.

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